5 Ways to reduce your plastic waste

Collagen powders that are environmentally friendly

Remember your cloth bags

Plastic bags, even though they come free from your supermarkets and grocery stores and it may seem like an easy option, they do have a high environmental cost to the earth.

You can reduce this plastic waste by trying to remember to bring your own cloth & reusable bags and even skipping the plastic on your fruit & veggies by using muslin cloths or even going without!

Stop buying bottled water

Okay, so we know that this is quite difficult if you're living in the Middle East.

Everywhere we go and even in our homes and offices, we need to buy or use bottled water.

If you can try to keep your own bottle with you that you can fill up from a larger water cooler in your home or office, or if you're really ready to ditch the plastic all together, you can invest in a water filtration system for you home!

Purified water, still or sparkling strait from your tap, amazing.

Our favorite company for this is No More Bottles. You can contact them here for more details. https://nomorebottles.ae/about

Bring your own coffee cup or tumbler to your favorite coffee shop

Speaking of refillable things, bringing your own coffee cup or tumbler to your coffee shop is another great way to reduce your plastic footprint.

Disposable coffee cups may look like paper but they're usually lined with polyethylene, which is a type of plastic resin. These can be recycled usually but for the most part this doesn't happen.  

The best part is you can get them in all sorts of cute designs, and colors! 

Say no to Straws

Plastic straws are often a one-use item whether its out at a cafe or bar and even at home. 

Saying no can help reduce our usage of these, and hopefully stop them all together in the future!


Make your own cleaning products

Making your own cleaning products can be less toxic for you and your household and also eliminate the need for multiple plastic bottles of cleaner.

Some home made cleaning products only require 2 or 3 components are are super easy to make! 

Think lemons, baking soda, rosemary, lavender.



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