What is Collagen?

What is collagen and how do it work

What is Collagen?

You may have heard about collagen, but what really is it and how can it affect your health and wellness?

Let's take a closer look at collagen, its benefits and why you should add it into your daily routine.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein, which means your body produces it from time to time. Being a protein, collagen is mostly responsible for a lot of bodily functions, including bone and joint health, skin health and muscle building processes. It's worthy to note that collagen production drops as you get older and under certain conditions.

Taking collagen has been proven to be beneficial for one's skin and overall wellbeing. Perhaps the most popular collagen benefit is how it can make your skin more youthful, plump and hydrated.

Collagen is the binding molecule that's responsible for your skin's hydration and elasticity. As you age, less collagen means you’re more likely to develop wrinkles, dry skin and others. Supplementing can slow down the effects of aging and possibly prevent skin conditions such as acne.

Your arteries have a percentage of collagen, particularly the blood vessels. Lack of it can lead to weak and fragile arteries and a higher risk of heart problems. Atherosclerosis is a leading proponent of stroke and heart attack.

Collagen is also recommended for elderly people and those who might suffer from joint problems.

Aging brings with it joint-related conditions such as osteoarthritis due to lower collagen production. The protein is mainly responsible for supporting your cartilage, which is what protects your joints.

Supplementing with collagen can improve joint health and reinforces your cartilage with much-needed cushion. Joint pain is reduced, and symptoms of osteoarthritis lessens. Furthermore, you can look forward to better joint support and lower inflammation levels.

Collagen is popular in the health and beauty industry because not only can it lead to plump and youthful skin, but also shiny hair and stronger nails as well.

Adding a collagen supplement into your daily routine prevents your nails from getting brittle, and also stimulates your hair to make it grow longer, which is big yes!

As always, consistency is key for maximum results from taking Collagen daily. Check out our Collagen Peptides, Marine Collagen & Collagen Creamer products!

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