Collagen For Strong and Healthy Bones

Collagen For Strong and Healthy Bones

It can be confusing to keep up with all the health trends and scientific studies. One minute a food is good for you; the next, it's bad. We're happy to report that collagen supplements are here to stay! Collagen is one of those ingredients that has been around forever but has only recently been discovered by scientists as a critical component in bone health. Keep reading if you want to know more about how collagen supports your bones and how taking a supplement or adding collagen into your diet can help keep them strong for life!

Collagen has a variety of health benefits.

Collagen is a protein found in connective tissue. It's used to make skin, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bones. Along with elastin fibers, collagen gives your body flexibility and strength. It's also found in hair and nails—your hair may look stronger when you're taking collagen supplements because it has more of this protein available to build healthy strands of keratin (the main structural protein in hair).

Collagen helps wounds heal faster by making them less vulnerable to infections that can slow down the healing process. Collagen production decreases as we age—this may be one reason why our skin loses elasticity as we get older! If you're concerned about wrinkles or have stretch marks from pregnancy or weight gain/loss then supplementation may be an option for you!

Your bones naturally have collagen in them.

Every second of every day, your body is actively producing collagen to keep you healthy. Your bones are made out of it—roughly 30 percent, in fact—and so is your skin and connective tissue. Collagen makes up 70 percent of the protein content in bone marrow and 50 percent of the protein content in cartilage.

Collagen also plays an important role in keeping these tissues strong and healthy. It’s what gives them flexibility and elasticity without compromising strength; without enough collagen, your bones would be brittle or weak because they wouldn’t be able to bend properly when you move around or bear weight on them.

You can get more collagen by taking a supplement or adding collagen into your diet.

You can get more collagen by taking a supplement or adding it to your diet. You can find collagen supplements in capsule form, or you can opt for the powder form of the supplement. 

It’s important to remember that this particular protein is found in many foods—especially ones with lots of protein like meat, fish and eggs (which are also great sources). In order for your body to make use of this nutrient properly though (like any other vitamin or mineral), it needs enough of it! That's why we recommend adding some collagen supplements into your diet. If you're looking for an easy supplement you can add to anything in your daily routine, we recommend you try our Unflavoured Collagen Peptides.

You can supplement your collagen and keep building strong, healthy bones.

Collagen supplements are easy to find, and they can be taken in many ways. They're also easy to digest and combine well with other supplements. Simply adding a collagen supplement to your diet is as simple as that! It's a great way to keep building strong, healthy bones.


We hope you learned a lot about the benefits of collagen, as well as how to make sure your body is getting enough of it. If you're looking for more information on collagen and other topics related to this article, we have many other articles here that could be helpful!

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