Why you should add a Collagen Creamer to your morning routine

Collagen Creamer for skin, hair and nails

Adding a Collagen Creamer into your morning routine is a game changer! So easy, so many benefits. It’s as simple as adding this powerful powder into your coffee, smoothies or morning oats each day.

See below for the many reasons why!

Why Collagen Peptides?

Collagen is one of the most important proteins in your body. Collagen keeps your bones strong and flexible, supports healthy blood sugar levels. Collagen also helps maintain muscle mass and even helps you sleep better at night. Consuming collagen also helps reduce wrinkles. Also, increases elasticity in your skin to make it look younger through hydration. 

All proteins aren't created equal

Collagen is one of the best proteins you can put into your body. Your body can process it better as it is bioavailable & this means your body can use without as much effort. A very efficient building block for your body to use. So rather than using all this energy to turn your food into amino acids, Collagen peptides are there ready to be used by your body. 

Collagen benefits? What does the body use collagen for?

Improves your skin - Improve skin elasticity, break down wrinkles and increase hydration of skin.

Makes weight management easier - As long as you are cutting down on sugars, collagen in the morning is a great way to feel satiated and control your hunger.

Supports bone health - With a lack of collagen, we can experience bone fragility and osteoporosis.

Supports muscle function - Collagen ensures that your muscles are healthy and strong to support any exercise regime that you want to put yourself through.

Hair health - Hair is made up largely from protein. Adding in some extra will help you make stronger healthier hair.

Better deep sleep - Collagen is a sleep-promoting agent which will help you to get more restful sleep. 

Nail health - Collagen is needed for the protein structure of your nails. This helps them be stronger, grow longer and not break.

Leaky gut - As collagen supports healthy gut function. Collagen can help you avoid autoimmune issues by healing your gut lining.

When is the best time to take Collagen?

For gut health take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. For skin, nails and hair take anytime throughout the day.

Taking collagen before bedtime can actually help you sleep better!

Sources of Collagen

The human body actually makes collagen, but it is often insufficient to meet all the needs of your body.

As we age the body starts to process less collagen though. This can lead to health issues - including digestive problems where the gut lining doesn't repair. This allows food into the blood steam triggering an autoimmune response.

Choosing grass-fed Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides & sustainably sourced Marine Collagen are your best choice of supplements here. 

Ready for the Collagen benefits yourself?

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