Strong and Shiny Hair

Nature's Support for Hair

Collagen isn't just essential for skin and nails; it also plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy, vibrant hair. As a structural protein, collagen provides the building blocks necessary for strong hair shafts and optimal hair growth.

The Collagen Connection to Hair Health

As we age and encounter various external stressors, our body's collagen production naturally declines, impacting not just our skin and nails, but also our hair. Brittle, dull hair that is prone to breakage and split ends often reflects this collagen depletion.

Collagen Supplements for Stronger, Shinier Hair

Collagen supplements can be a game-changer in achieving strong, shiny hair. Hydrolyzed collagen, in particular, is easily absorbed by the body, delivering essential nutrients directly to the hair follicles and supporting overall hair health.

Choosing the Right Collagen for Hair Health

While different types of collagen offer benefits for hair, Marine Collagen is particularly noteworthy for its high proportion of Type 1 Collagen, which is essential for hair strength. Additionally, supplements enriched with Vitamin C and other nutrients can further support collagen synthesis and promote hair vitality and shine.

Marine Collagen and Bovine Collagen

Both Marine Collagen and Bovine Collagen contain Type 1 Collagen and can therefore provide you with the perfect collagen to make your hair shiny, strong and long! Although it is argued that Marine Collagen is the best collagen for long and shiny hair, Bovine Collagen can be equally effective.