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كولاجين بحري – توت مشكّل

كولاجين بحري – توت مشكّل

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  • التفاصيل والفوائد

    يساعد منتجنا من الكولاجين البحري من مصادر مستدامة من فرنسا على زيادة إمداد الجسم بالكولاجين وتعزيز ترطيب البشرة ودعم العضلات والمفاصل لتتمتعي بصحة وإشراقة لا تخفى.

    يعد فيتامين سي الصديق للبشرة أحد مضادات الأكسدة القوية التي تساعد جهاز المناعة وتحسن مظهر البشرة.

    يساعد حمض الهيالورونيك في ترطيب البشرة وتحسين مظهر الخطوط الدقيقة والتجاعيد وكذلك دعم قوة العظام.

    • طبيعي بالكامل من مصادر مستدامة من فرنسا
    • يحسن صحة الشعر والبشرة والأظافر
    • حمض الهيالورونيك للترطيب وفيتامين سي لزيادة الامتصاص
    • خالٍ من منتجات الألبان والغلوتين
  • لمكونات وطريقة الاستخدام

    كولاجين بحري (من أسماك مستدامة المصدر) وفيتامين سي وحمض هيالورونيك ونكهة ومحلي طبيعي (ستيفيا)

    أضيفي ملعقة كبيرة ممتلئة إلى الماء أو سموثي أو مشروبك المفضل.

    نصيحة: إذا كنتِ تفضلين المشروبات الباردة أو القهوة المثلجة، نقترح مزجها مع ماء بدرجة حرارة الغرفة ثم إضافة الثلج بمجرد ذوبانه.

    بتناول حصة واحدة في اليوم يمكنك رؤية نتائج واضحة، وإن كنت تفضلين نتيجة أسرع، يمكنك تناول حصة واحدة في الصباح وأخرى في المساء.

    يحفظ في مكان بارد وجاف بعيداً عن أشعة الشمس المباشرة.

  • المعلومات الغذائية

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For hair, skin, nails and overall health. Glow from the inside out!

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Discover the most effective Marine Collagen from France with added Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C. Improve your complexion, boost your energy and fight aging with our best selling Marine Collagen.

Naticol® Marine Collagen

Naticol is a premium marine collagen that's clinically proven to improve skin elasticity, hydration, firmness, smoothness and more.

All Natural

Hyaluronic Acid has taken the world by storm. Hyaluronic acid is one of the most effective ways to hydrate your skin and give it a youthful glow.

Delicious Flavours

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that promotes collagen formation, reduces free radical damage and improves the appearance of skin.

Nothing Artificial

We have combined the finest marine collagen with natural sugars, flavours and sweeteners, to create an authentic tasting drink for any time of the day!

Plastic Free

We've redesigned our packaging to be more sustainable, without any compromise on luxury.

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Our Marine Collagen contains Type 1 Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C; which helps to increase your collagen production, support muscles & joints and aids in skin hydration & moisture to help reduce the signs of aging and get that glow from within


Our Marine Collagen contains collagen that works to prevent hair loss and strengthen your hair naturally. Giving your hair the nutrients it needs to be fuller, shinier and stronger!


Smooth, plump and visibly youthful skin. Our Marine Collagen with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C is clinically shown to moisturize and lift the appearance of skin making you look radiant and beautiful.


Marine Collagen promotes long and strong nails. One serve per day helps to strengthen nails from the inside out, boosting growth and resistance to breakage.


Marine Collagen is a great way to support healthy joint function on a daily basis. It has the most compelling clinical evidence for joint health, and doesn't just mask the symptoms like pain killers and anti-inflammatories.


Incorporating our Marine Collagen into your diet and routine can help increase calcium absorption and improve bone mineral density.


Marine Collagen is one of nature's best sources for gut health. It's great for keeping your gut strong and healthy,

Why settle for collagen supplements that are not clean, pure and best in class? Feed your inner beauty with Sacred Glow Co.

The Sacred Glow Co. Secret for Success
Comparison Us Them
Premium Ingredients
All Natural
Delicious Flavours
No Artificial Ingredients
Gluten Free and Non-GMO
Fresh Small Batch Manufacturing
Proven with 5 Star Reviews
Plastic Free Packaging

Marine Collagen

Frequently Ask Questions

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What are the benefits of our Marine Collagen?

On top of the normal benefits of collagen (skin, hair, nails and joints); our Marine Collagen also contains Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C to help with skin hydration and the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

How can I use Marine Collagen?

Add one heaped tablespoon to water, a smoothie or any beverage or your choice. If you prefer a cold refreshing drink, add our Marine Collagen to water first, stir it, and then add some ice.

When will I start to see the benefits of using Marine Collagen?

In some instances you will see results almost instantly, however in most cases you will start seeing results between 30 and 60 days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Marine collagen mixed berry

I have been using this for around 1 month and so far have noticed my skin feels plumper and has more of a glow. Often now I don’t bother with make up as under eye dark area has lightened considerably.

Dahlia Seit
An excellent replacement

I was looking for a replacement of my collagen since I couldn’t afford the delivery of my collagen in US its too expensive and i found this mixed berry and brilliant result I can feel it in my body and my reflections that your glowing from with in. Its affordable and highly recommended. I love it seems like your just having your everyday drinks and enjoyable taste.

Sheila Marie Mendoza
Marine Collagen Mixed Berry

I liked the tase of it. The result was seen already after drinking it for a month.

Neda Jaberi
Great taste

I like the taste of it, it's very light on my stomach and keeps me full for few hours!

Great results!

After using it for two months daily, I see great results. My hairdresser says I have tons of new hairs growing, giving my hair more volume! My skin is glowier and plumper. Plus it tastes so good!